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See WARNING about contractors approaching you directly to make repairs below

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Warning: Assignment of Benefits

Additional Information

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Contractors are advising insureds (you) that they can repair your property and manage the claims process with your insurance company.  DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS UNTIL YOU SPEAK TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY.  Please read the following before doing anything. 

Most, if not all, insurance companies have working relationships with reputable, licensed contractors which they will gladly send to your home.  

Recommended steps:

1. Report storm damage to your insurance company's claim department as soon as possible. 

2. Review the insurance company's approved list of vendors/contractors to make decisions about who will repair your property. 

3. Request multiple estimates and receive those estimates in writing, ensuring that the cost, time, guarantees, payment schedules are all detailed and acceptable. 

4. It's a good idea to ask for references, or even to request your social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc) contacts to provide any advice regarding the vendors/contractors you are considering. 

5. NEVER let a contractor pressure you. 

6. NEVER sign a contract with blank spaces.  A contract is a contract - signing with blank statements is basically giving the other party to freedom to add anything they want!

7. NEVER let a contractor interpret your insurance policy.  They are contractors - not insurance professionals or lawyers - and their interests are not aligned with yours.  They want the work. 

8. Do NOT pay or sign a completion certificate until the work is complete and the permits are closed. 


Claims Advice: Minimize Further Damage

Additional Information

Please take note that in the event of a loss or damage to your home, there are insurance policy provisions that require you to take reasonable measures to prevent additional loss.  


In most cases, any added expenses incurred to prevent this will be covered as part of your ultimate claim to the company. 


That said, the most important thing is safety. If preventing further loss is risky, please avoid those actions and remain safe!